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Setting the brightness automatically persists changes based on the environmental light conditions, but users can set how bright settings auto run as you wish. Galaxy S4 comes with the Android operating system which is the latest version 4. First try it, firmware dated 12 April on this device has some bugs, mainly related to the function of the camera.

Those problems disappear after your device is updated to the version dated May The important functions of the Galaxy S4 can be enabled or disabled via the Android control center panel which can be accessed with the killing of the two fingers. On the one hand, it reflects a myriad of features that are to be immersed at the Galaxy S4. But, on the other hand also indicates multiplicity bloatware application default aliases that are not necessarily used on smart phones. Such applications are pretty consuming on-board memory that is available.

Luckily there still expansion options with a micro-SD slot of up to 64 GB. One other interesting thing from the Android operating system is a user could add 4. A row of widgets that can be diambah including camera, e-mail client, and more.

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One of the charms of Galaxy S4 lies in the ability to detect some types of body gestures that can be used as an input mechanism in addition to the touch of a finger on the screen. Users can also mendongakkan and bowed to run such features, as long as there is a change in slope angle of view between the eyes with a sensor on Galaxy S4.

The difference, Smart Pause is used to pause the video playback when the user turned the view of the screen. Playback back done so users stare at the screen. This feature can also be used to view a preview of the video while watching the scene with lifted a finger on the top line of the timeline.

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Smart Scroll and water Gesture, for example, is only compatible with the default Android browser application. Galaxy S4 just speechless when the user mengayun-ayunkan the hand in front of the third-party browsers, like Chrome and Firefox. Water View cannot be used with any application for Gmail. Any moment could be used, the implementation of some features, such as the less than optimal feels Smart Scroll the difficulty detecting the view when users wear glasses. Water Gesture can be useful at certain times when a user is unable to touch screens, for instance when the hands are stained.

Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 USB Driver for Windows

But, mengayun-ayunkan hands in time did make sore. Even though it looks cool, in the end features a unique property of Galaxy S4 noticeably less useful than the conventional way of interacting with the touch screen. Of course, users can turn off the extra functions at any time when not desired. It can get a little help in saving battery life. Rather, the camera application on these devices sometimes crashes when opened and restart the phone.

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Fortunately, once updated to version dated May 30, the problem disappeared. The update also makes the camera initialization process takes place faster.

The main camera on the Galaxy S4 alone has 13 megapixel resolution. Launch Driver Talent on your computer. Step 2. Step 3. After all the drivers are successfully installed, reboot the computer. This will help to make all the changes to take effect. Driver Talent enables you to download and install all the latest and best-matched Samsung USB drivers for mobile phones.

Here is the list that includes USB drivers for the hottest Samsung mobile phones.

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