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Support each other throughout the week by privately sharing prayer requests through chat. Use multiple chat rooms to find groups, manage recruitment and share strategies. BAND also has Public groups! Use the Discover feature to find communities with similar interests. Why BAND?

  • The Rock Band Companion App V2.0 Is Now Available!!
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BAND is the best way to stay connected with your group! Customize your group and use it how you want to! We value your feedback!

Guitar Band Battle Gameplay, New Music PVP Game For iOS & Android

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Flag as inappropriate. Additionally, each song has a details view that display a TON of info! Songs are dynamically tagged with Rivals Challenge Icons during an active Challenge, while new songs and soon-to-expire songs will also be marked! On top of name and artist, length, difficulty, genre, and album art, it also shows the score and difficulty combo of your selected instrument there's even an easy swap to check a different instrument!

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And as you may have noticed, it also shows the otherwise-hidden Band Difficulty Tier AND lists how many solos an instrument has. If you're convinced by a song's lovely page, you can add it right to your wishlist or buy it on the spot.

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We've also added leaderboards to give you quick and easy access to your position. See how you stack up in any situation with just a few taps!

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  5. And fear not, Crew-related leaderboards are also included. It opens a sorted library of just the Challenge-eligible songs, allowing you to check their details or add them to your wishlist,. If you click through to the Spotlight Songs , you can see the scores on them, of course, but you can also jump directly to a purchase screen, letting you grab them on your way home Thursday and have them waiting for you when you're ready to play. Speaking of Spotlight Scores, we've added another new feature to the Companion App, where the Spotlight Songs list will show relative percentiles of all 12 scores, allowing you to quickly see which tracks you should hit up for the biggest improvement!