Samsung galaxy s2 kitkat 4.4.2 download

Tutorial: Instalação Android 4.4.2 no Galaxy S2 I9100 - Cyanogenmod 11 + ROMs custom (pt-br)

Do this at your own risk. Copy and paste the SlimSaber Android 4. Don't extract the zip files.


Reboot into Recovery Mode by pressing and holding volume up, home and power keys at the same time till the Samsung logo appears. Perform a complete wipe on the device. Install the SlimSaber Android 4. It may take up to five minutes till the device reaches the home screen since it is first time running the ROM.

Install Android 4.4.2 KitKat on Galaxy S2 i9100 with NeatROM

Jump to Navigation. Requirements 1. I'm sure nobody would want to tick every single app, that would almost be the same as enabling airplane mode.

General Questions: Need to install Gapps? What kernel does this ROM use?

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CM kernel - supercharged! Which launcher s are included in ProBAM?

Appreciation Quote:. AOSB 1. Android 4. New BootAnimation supported all devices! Fixes on Style, boot animation, and wallpaper , etc NavRing: Fix visibility issues on some devices SystemUI: Over scroll effects SystemUI: Weather SystemUI: Show notification when charging.

Update Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I to Android KitKat with SlimSaber ROM

Fix Airplane mode toggle issue using Quick Access menu. Update UserTile from Google 4. Swipe to float mode for notifications and recents SystemUI: Fix tile fliping HeadsUp: Fix dismiss on back key press. AOSB Bubble: Search anywhere for anything! Driving Mode Settings: Heads up Settings: Show heads up at the bottom of the screen Settings: Implement App circle sidebar Settings: Vibration options customizer Settings: Fix thread view bugs also in black UI Mms: Fix FC issue that when tapping contact icon many times Mms: Add native heads up support Mms: Emoji and Smiley support Mms: Add quick emoji button next to text input DownloadProvider: Standardize play store and browser downloads DownloadNotifier: Normal notification for singles DownloadProvider: Add transfer speeds in notification Camera2: Fix camera application memory leak Camera2: Add 50MP, Refactor SmartDial for additional languages Hardware: Add high touch sensitivity support Devices Blob: Remove prebuilt GPS blobs msmcommon: Massive KitKat blob updates klte: Import proprietary libs kltespr: Import proprietary libs klte: Initial import of klte jflte: Clean up and remove extra libs hammerhead: Update proprietary libs KitKat Camera Blobs m7spr: Update WiFi drivers from 1.

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Remove hackaround for broken audio in first call Telephony And Dialer Technical: Contact photo in call log can not change in time Dialer: Blacklist call recording for Australia. Add up navigation to call barring activity. Fix handling of unavailable network in call barring activity.

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  5. Delay setting of active subscription Fix crash during back to back emergency calls. Remove the option menu of the restore defaults Fix crash when call to voicemail with no number. Do not save an empty quick respond message TeleService: Remove "vibrate when ringing" from multi sim call settings TeleService: Highlight the forbidden network operator TeleService: Disconnect current call if there is an active call on other sub MSIM: Make it optional Recent: Support landscape layout FastChargeTile: Sleep Timer for Media Tile Base: Notification Reminder Base: Notification Reminder Interval Base: Notification Reminder New layout Themes: Use first asset entry for lockscreen wallpaper PEEK: Theme Engine compatibilities Settings: Glowpad Torch Settings: Partition information menu Settings: Remove lockscreen slide delay option AOSB v1.

    Protected App base: Fix On-The-Go Tile base: Notification Helper fixes base: Fix animator display base: Gesture Device Lock base: Second Clock base: Add support for Peek external app base: Fix light notification color picker force close base: CM Themes, Add support for composed icons base: CM Trebuchet, a lot of improvements base: Fix the memory leak and more and reduce memory usage PS2: Improvement thumbnail size also on landscape mode PS3: Attach the default thumbnail size and prevent conflict with slim recents PS4: Launch only contacts picker for blacklist entry Settings: