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Jungle Sudoku x 2. Dimsum 4. Dimsum 3. VVS Sudoku Free 4. NEW Valentine Sudoku x 5. NEW Sudoku 3. NEW 3D Sudoku 2. NEW Valentine Sudoku x 1.

SudokuME - Sudoku for Mobile Phones

Jungle Sudoku 2. NEW Love Sudoku x 3. Sudoku Mania 3. Sudoku Game 3. NEW Valentine Sudoku x 2. NEW Love Sudoku x 5.

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Online shows a list of games available over the Web. Moving to the Online tab will cause SudokuME to attempt to read data from the network. Your phone may display a warning about this. The Load tab allows you to load and delete saved games on your phone. If the list is bigger than the space on the screen, it will scroll accordingly. Naturally if you have not yet saved any games, the list will be empty. To select a game and have it load, simple press FIRE when highlighting the desired save game record. These are:. A menu will appear, asking you to confirm your action.

Upgrading from v1. However, the title and timer were not available prior to 1. When 1. The New tab allows you to create an empty grid. This is useful when copying a game from, perhaps, a newspaper or book of Sudoku puzzles.

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The third option allows you to play a test game. The test game is an in-built game which is useful for getting familiar with SudokuME's controls. Perhaps in future this test game option will be replaced by an option to generate brand new Sudoku games? The Online tab is used to download puzzles from an archive on the Web. When you access this tab, you may be prompted to grant permission for SudokuME to access the network.

You will need to give this permission if you want to use this feature. Typically SudokuME downloads only small parcels of information, often less than 2k in size. The online archive is divided up into two parts. Sudoku puzzles are gathered in collections known as 'bundles', while an available catalogue of all known bundles is available on the Web.

When you first access the Online tab the catalogue will attempt to be loaded. And once successfully loaded, is displayed. In the three diagrams we see a progression from the top level down towards a specific bundle. Having selected the first, a list of bundles is display, as per the second diagram.

Having selected the first bundle containing nine games the list of games inside that bundle is shown, as demonstrated in diagram three. Selecting a bundle diagram two will cause further network activity while the bundle loads. Once loaded, the bundle's contents will be available for selection diagram three.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - HeroCraft (J2ME) Java Mobile Phone Game

SudokuME will retain in memory the catalogue and bundle you have selected, unless you quit or pause the SudokuME application for example, to receive an incoming call. Hopefully this will further reduce the amount of loading across the Internet your phone will need to do. See the section Online Game Sources for more information on the titles of the various games, and where they originate. If you should happen to put a value in a cell which is invalid, due to it being repeated on the current column, row or the inner grid, SudokuME will highlight in red all other 'offending' cells for the current cell only.

It is often handy to keep track of your 'working out' - possible values which you consider are suitable candidates for a given cell. Players using a 'hardcopy' Sudoku game for example, from a book or newspaper often pencil in their working out as small numbers into a given cell. This isn't really possible with SudokuME - for one thing, the display size on mobile devices is far too small to show tiny working out numbers.

Only the working out for the current highlighted cell is shown. A small dot 'marker' is placed onto the main grid as a hint as to which cells contain working out and which do not. See elsewhere for details of how using the working out feature impacts on the size of save game records. A locked cell appears in a darker shade bold and cannot be changed.

Use this feature to highlight cells which were filled out at the start of the puzzle - or to secure from accidental change cells which you are confident are correct.

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Holding it down while pressing one of the other keys gives access to extra features. The timer is also accessible via the About menu. See later for details. SudokuME will store up to twenty of the previous changes to the grid values but not the working out or locks and can reverse these changes with repeated presses of this key. The game screen menu allow access to a range of useful tools and facilities. Of particular note here are the About , Working and Solved? About provides information, help and allows the current game to be re-titled. On the opening page the current game title and current timer are shown.

Each help page shows the keys used in a given part of SudokuME, and their function.